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Welcome to RB Info Solutions

Welcome to RB Info Solutions

The process of discovering and obtaining qualified people to suit your organization’s needs is known as talent acquisition. The talent acquisition team is in charge of locating, obtaining, evaluating, and employing applicants to fill unfilled jobs inside a business.

The foundations of talent acquisition include a corporate image, future resource planning, broadening a company’s labour force, and building a solid applicant pipeline.

The talent acquisition team may be part of an organization’s Human Resources department in some situations. In some organizations, Talent Acquisition is a separate department that collaborates with HR.

 Solutions is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur Chaitanya Nune to help organizations scale up with the right resources through flexible hiring solutions. We work with our clients understanding their business needs and we collaborate with them in meeting their talent acquisition needs.


RBI Info Solutions (Trusted Global Staffing Solutions Partner)


Long-term relationships are based on trust, which is both difficult to build and easy to lose. By offering high-quality services that provide value to our clients’ businesses, we have earned their trust.

Committed for timely sourcing

To locate, appraise, and validate the finest potential individuals, we employ a combination of research, personal contact, and networking. This way, we can fulfill our committment of timely sourcing.

Up to date of the evolving technologies

We understand how costly a bad hiring can be, therefore we make sure that service quality and customer happiness are at the forefront of all we do. We continually evaluate our performance and undertake a variety of client audits to guarantee that our clients continue to receive high-quality solutions and candidates who are updated with evolving technology.

Legal compliances

Compliance with all rules and regulations is critical to the success of any company. 100 percent legal compliance is the key to our outstanding market performance. All employee protection rules are followed to the letter.

Flexible sourcing services

Flexible sourcing services that are totally verifiable and guaranteed to fit your unique requirements, no matter how big or small, or complex they may be.


We work with our clients understanding their business needs and we collaborate with them in meeting their talent acquisition needs.


Our vision is to be a proactive staffing firm that develops solutions for our customers' business plans and objectives while also enhancing our services to help them reach their goals.


RB Info Solutions' mission is to provide high-quality candidates and exceptional customer service in order to establish a solid and long-term connection with each client. Our mission is to contribute to our clients' holistic growth and prosperity.