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Employee on Record (EOR) Services

An Employer of Record, or EOR, is a company that takes on the legal obligations of hiring your staff in order to reduce the complications of HR tasks, market access, and foreign payroll. On paper, the EOR becomes the principal employer of your employees. This critical service keeps your company compliant and assists with worldwide expansion as benefits and tax requirements become more difficult. The EOR may help you get access to new markets, improve your perks, and even sponsor work visas.

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Professional Employer Organization(PEO) services

A PEO, or professional employer organization, is a sort of co-employment that provides full-service human resource outsourcing. In this arrangement, the PEO manages different personnel administrative functions for a company, such as a payroll and benefits administration.

By performing various employer tasks, PEOs do much more than save time and stress. They may also help you save money by guiding you away from costly mistakes such as employing the incorrect person for a critical position and avoiding HR-related compliance concerns which could lead to huge penalties.

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Recruitment services

Recruitment service providers assist businesses in finding competent individuals for critical positions. Recruiters, sometimes known as “headhunters,” utilize a variety of tactics to locate prospective candidates and contact them about specific openings, regardless of their existing work situation. Recruiting agencies will handle the initial contact with qualified individuals, give candidate profiles to the employing company, and mediate any discussion between the applicants and the employer.

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